Sunday, May 15, 2011

Color Changing Nail Polish!

If I had had this nail polish when I was a kid... man, I don't even know.  Even now, I am 25 and I slapped it on literally 10 minutes before running out the door- I didn't even use nail polish remover from my white mani, I just peeled that stuff off and slapped on a base coat and went on from there, so there's little bits of white remaining... I really was not expecting much from this stuff.  But I have been playing around like a little kid for the past few hours.  I am SO EXCITED about it.  I watched it change when I stepped outside, when i was in the mall, I pressed my nails against the cool window and watched the contact points change.  I am LOVING this stuff and I can't wait to go back and buy ALL of the other colors.  Seriously!

This is directly after being run through cold, cold tap water.

This is directly after being run through hot tap water.

Transitioning from hot to room temperature (yellow-green)

The foreground is room temperature, the background transitioning from heat.

In these photos, there is a basecoat and 3 layers of polish, no top coat.  

Products used:
Mood Struck (no name, colors are green/yellow)

As Promised

We had one day of sunshiney warm weather here that got me SO EXCITED for summer that I had to do some white nails.  To make it look a little bit less like white-out/liquid paper, I decided to add a little bit of sparkle to it.  I think it has a really nice subtle shimmer that looks excellent in person and was difficult as all get out to actually capture with the camera.

Please please please ignore my terrible cuticles

Products used:
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Whirlwind White
Cover Girl Boundless Color: Crystal Mist

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Have Been MIA... and Very Bad :(

I haven't posted in ages, and here's my excuse... I bit off ALL MY NAILS!  I am so ashamed.  I've still been painting them, but quickly and without much love, and I've been so stressed and busy that I haven't had time for photos.  But I'm back in the swing of things (my summer semester started up and it took me a few days to readjust) so hopefully I can get myself back on track and grow these babies out.

I have a mani on my nails right now that I want to show yall, but I haven't cleaned it up yet or put on a topcoat.  So I will do that and hopefully have some photos by tonight or tomorrow to get things going.  But until then, I have some non-nail-art related photos to tide you over.

My boyfriend and I went to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for their tulip festival a few weekends ago.  So here's some colorful, happy, springtimey flower photos!

And I leave you with a few questions/I'm asking for advice:

1. I once again attempted to use my Zoya matte polishes and, once again, they chipped off within the first day.  Then I tried again with Essie Matte About You topcoat and that STILL didn't help.  Does anyone else have these problems?  It's not with any of my other matte polishes, only Zoya.  Do you have any suggestions to make that work?

2. I am looking for a baby, baby, pale pastel blue.  Actually, any baby baby pastel color recommendations would be so awesome.  But particularly a blue, as I haven't been able to find one.  So: powder/pastel/baby blues that you've tried/heard are awesome.  

Thanks so much!  I'm trying desperately to catch up on everyone's blogs, so sorry if I spam you with comments all at once!