Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"My Little Pony" Pink/Glittery Mani

I got these two new polishes the other day and decided to try them together, and my friend, upon seeing them, exclaimed excitedly, "they're like My Little Pony nails!!!!"

Byte is more pink and glittery in real life, 
it was terrible trying to capture it with the camera.

Also let this be a reminder to myself:  ALWAYS ALWAYS lotion before you take photos!  Ugh, girl, your cuticles!!!!

ALSO while I'm here, let me say that I've replaced SV as number one topcoat in my house.  I'm using Sally Hansen Double Duty now, both as a base and top coat, and I will never go back.  It doesn't shrink my color like SV does, it doesn't STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN and require a gas mask like SV does, it costs HALF as much as SV does, and my nails last like two or three times longer than they do when I'm using SV.  I'm sold!

Products Used:
Sally Hansen HD in Byte
NYC in Starry Silver Glitter
Sally Hansen Double Duty (Base and Topcoat)

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