Saturday, June 30, 2012

Orly Ingenue and Alabaster Verve

I recently posted a swatch of Orly's Alabaster Verve.  I don't have a lot of Orly polish in my collection, so when I was at the store I went ahead and got myself three bottles.  I also purchased Ingenue, when was labelled with a little "new" ring around it but really isn't new- it's from the winter/holiday collection.  It is a pink based loaded up with tiny, shimmery gold glitter.  It is also basically identical to a bunch of other polishes floating around, but I don't own any of those and this was on sale so into my bin it went, and onto my fingers.  I love it layered over Alabaster Verve.  This is two coasts AV and one coat of Ingenue with Seche Vite as a top coat.

I'm really not a fan of gold.  I'm much more of a silver/white gold person as far as personal taste goes.  However, my skin tone disagrees- gold looks pretty great on me (if I do say so myself, heeey!).  I love this color with my skin tone!  


  1. The gold in this is really amazing!

    1. Yea it's awesome! I love pink and gold together, it's not a combo I would've ever thought of.