Monday, August 5, 2013

My last post was in January

I'm a terrible blogger.  I could use the wedding as an excuse... but I won't, because it isn't, and I'll tell you why in a second.

So anyway- I'm married now!  That's a thing that happened.  But the reason why I won't use that as an excuse is because I started a new blog.  And I set a sort-of schedule for myself.  And I've been keeing to it (for a couple weeks which yaaaaay better than no weeks).  I've posted some of my nail things over there, but mostly it's just a blog about my life.  My DIY projects, decorating my home, posts about weddings and things I learned/craft ideas... just a bunch of stuff in general.  If you're interested, I'm calling it Happiness Unexamined.  

The important part is that I'm going to return to blogging here.  I am going to start by back-posting a couple of things from the past in order to give myself some time to catch up, but then I'm hoping to get on a regular schedule here.  So.  Long, rambly story short- I will be back to posting here, but I will also be posting over there so you can feel free to follow both, one, the other, or none.  If it's none, I'm not sure how you are here reading this. 

And since I can't make a blog post without any photos- here's a few from the wedding.

All photos were taken by our wonderful photographer, Melissa.

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