Thursday, March 24, 2011

ELF Summer Ready Collection: Mango Madness

A few weeks ago I saw ELF's Summer Ready collection in Target and snapped it up.  I liked the colors at first glance and couldn't resist the 5 dollar price tag.  I've just now got around to busting open the box and testing them out, and I decided to try some designs using them.

For now, here's Mango Madness for your enjoyment.  We'll see how my design turns out late this evening.



It goes on about how you'd expect for a one dollar nail polish.  This is two coats on top of a base coat, and I could probably have gone for a third but I am very impatient most of the time.  It's a lovely color for summer- bright but not quite neon (though I do love neons).  Application was easy, kind of streaky with two coats but not terrible.  If I was wearing it plain I would've done a third, but since I'm planning on trying out some monarch nails again (after failing miserably a few days ago) I figured two would suffice.

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