Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick and Easy Purple Spring Mani- 2 weeks of China Glaze

My nails are crap.  I'm so bad at nails.  I love nail polish, I love stamping, I love trying to freehand designs.  But I cannot break my nail biting habit.  I KNOW.  It's completely terrible.  Recently I was doing a great job.  They had grown to a very lovely length and I was happy with them!  Then I broke two of them on the toilet seat (of all things) and then another one when I was moving boxes (have I mentioned the part where we are moving/driving 3000+ miles across the country in a month?).  So I thought, what is the use of me trying to grow out my nails if every time I do, they are just so weak and fragile that they break?

Enter the idea of doing 2+ weeks of manicures using China Glaze.  I love CG, it's one of my top two favorite brands of nail polish.  A good friend heard my lament and said "don't you have China Glaze?  When I use that it makes my nails hard as rocks."  And a little lightbulb went off and I thought to myself, let's try this.

So here's the first!  A simple, quick paint job using what I had sitting on my desk (I'm lazy).

Products Used:
China Glaze Sweet Hook
Essie Pure Pearlfection

Also can I just say how fed up I am with Seche Vite?  Our love affair was pretty short lived.  I used it on a few really great manis last week that I was so excited to come home and photograph (I paint my nails at night, when I can't photo them, and then they have to last through my day at work until I get home) and by the time I got home from work, they had shrunk down and peeled or popped completely off.  Have you ever had one just pop off???  It has happened to me several times, I just look down and where the heck did my pointer finger go?  Then I look like I forgot to paint that finger.  Anybody have any solutions for that?  I've heard the Sally Hansen in the black bottle is a good replacement and doesn't do the crappy things that SV does.


  1. Gorgeous combo! I love SV, never had those problems with it though O_o

    1. Yea I have no idea! I've heard that shrinking is a common problem with SV, but lately it has really been a huge PITA. I don't know if it's going on too thick or if I need to use a different base coat or what the heck is going on, but it sure is making me grumpy haha!