Friday, April 15, 2011

ELF Summer Ready Collection: Lilac

I really really wanted to wear a pale purple matte manicure, and thought "Hey, why don't I continue swatching the polishes from my ELF collection?"  Because I said I was going to do that and never did.  Unfortunately, I decided to do it late at night when the sun wasn't out, so my photos of it aren't so great straight out of the bottle.

Here you can kind of see the color.  It's pretty sheer, this is I think 3 coats.  I probably would have gone for another one if I hadn't been wanting to go to bed.  I used OPI's ridge filler as a basecoat, but you can still see them ridges.  Overall I think it's a very pretty, springy color.  Oh and forgive the part where there's polish all over my skin and stuff, I have a very slapdash method of applying nail polish, and I definitely didn't clean up before taking pictures.

So after that, I slathered it with a coat of Essie's Matte About You.  These photos really don't do it justice!  Also it looks pretty streaky or bare in some places in the photos, but definitely not IRL.  I really liked this one, and my boyfriend liked it a lot too.  I think it would look super great with the green that also came in the ELF collection, so maybe I will try some combination of the two for Easter!

Ugh, Abby's hair gets everywhere!

Products Used:
ELF Summer Ready Collection: Lilac
OPI Ridge Filler
Essie Matte About You


  1. How do you like Essie Matte About You? I am thinking of getting a matte topcoat and am leaning towards Essie.

  2. I love matte about you! The only negative is that sometimes it leaves little flecks that are visible on darker polishes. It's the only matte topcoat I have and I use it all the time.