Friday, April 1, 2011

Glitter Makes the World Go 'Round

THREE interviews this week!  THREE!  Which means absolutely no fun nail polish!  So as soon as I got home from my last one today, off went the neutral and on went the purple.  I've been wanting to use this glitter polish since I got it a few months ago.  And guess what- it's totally the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber line.  For shame!  Truly though I can't be embarrassed because it's an awesome color.  I love it to bits and the only reason I didn't do every nail was because glitter is such a PITA to get off, and I've already got another mani planned for tomorrow.

As a side note, I tried out one of the new Revlon scented nail polishes and be forewarned-  the scent is STRONG!  I smelled grapes as soon as it went one, and I kind of want to eat my hands because they smell like candy!  I layered my Maybelline polish on top of the Revlon for two reasons: to try to mask some of the scent, and because I wanted the color to be more closely related to the color of the glitter, and the Revlon was more of a plum.  I can still smell grapes! 

Products used:
Revlon Scented Parfume: Grape Icy
Maybelline Express Finish: Goody Plum Drop
Nicole by OPI: One Less Lonely Glitter

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